Lacy by Diana Palmer
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0373771578
Reviewed by Nannette



When Lacy Jarrett and Coleman Whitehall are forced to marry, Lacy tries desperately to make their marriage work. She loves Cole with all her heart, but Cole wonít even try. When Cole goes off to war and comes back a changed man, his indifference towards Lacy causes her to leave.  Eight months later, Cole goes to bring his wife back. There are more hardships ahead for them and Cole has a secret that heís sure will drive Lacy away forever.

Coleís brother and sister, Ben and Katy, have problems as well.  Faye Cameron is in love with Ben but Benís looking for sophistication and opportunity. Faye is just a girl heís known all of his life; she canít offer him anything, except her heart.

Katy has been in love with Coleís friend, Turk Sheridan, since he came to work at their ranch, but Cole warned Turk away from his sister. Turk has demons of his own as well, so he pushes poor Katy away. 

Pride can blind a man and prevent him from accepting the love that is right in front of him.

Drama and passion fill the pages of Lacy. Cole, Turk, and Ben are prideful and stubborn men but their womenís devotion for them never sways. Lacy gives new meaning to the words ďangst-filledĒ. There were times when I thought I just couldnít bear it anymore, but itís such and an engrossing and well written story that I just couldnít put down!  Lacy is a saga loaded with heartache, grief and longing as well as love, lust and reconciliation.  Lacy has realism and heart with an ending that is emotional and heartwarming. Lacy stayed in my mind long after I finished reading it.


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