Kiss of the Wolf by Robyn Wren
The Wild Rose Publishing
ISBN: 1-60154-110-4
Reviewed by Little Sunshine



Jolted awake by nightmares of her friends being slaughtered, Kara wonders if she will ever forget that fateful night.  Knowing it is her destiny, Kara is determined to rid the world of the evil that attacked her village, and her quest has taken her to a small island where something very dark is hunting her.  Armed with the falcate blades given to her by her father and her bloodline’s powerful magic, Kara sets out into the forest to hunt her enemies.

Zachius must fulfill his promise to find and protect Kara, Saleen’s sister, but it won’t come easy since Kara is very feisty, hard headed and wreaking all sorts of havoc on his body.  Can she be his soul mate? And if she is, will his lineage forbid their union.  Kara has never in her life had a man affect her the way Zachius does, can she readily accept whatever the future may have in store for her?

Together they travel deeper into the forest and discover terrifying creatures, a wise and powerful magician and a great, ancient evil that must be stopped.  Will a warrior’s heart and his profound love for his newfound mate be enough to survive the battle that is yet to come?

For me, Kiss of the Wolf was a difficult book to be engaged in for the first few chapters.  I felt as though there should have been a more in-depth explanation regarding the “evil” they were hunting.  The chemistry between the characters was very endearing, and I enjoyed Kara’s sassy character and Zachius’ adoration for Kara.  It is pleasant story of magic, werewolves and newfound love.


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