Kinky Girls Do by Michelle Houston
ISBN: 1-59426-925-4
Reviewed by Barb


Your Attention Please:

Angela is a stripper. It gives her exhibitionist nature a way to fly. Her boyfriend, Darren, enjoys her act. In fact his enjoyment of her abilities leads him to exert his dominance over her after every show.

Your Attention Pleasehas nice attention to detail for both the strip act and the post-strip steamy sex. Darren and Angela have a passion for each other that jumps off the page and grabs the reader.


Chasing Her Dream:

To be sexually dominated, now that would be a beautiful birthday.  Instead Lydia is alone. However, her best friend Shawn might be able to fulfill her dream. Can she follow through?

Chasing her Dream is my favorite of the four stories. Shawn and Lydia deal well with each other and the situation. It does start off a bit sad, but the story leaves you with a smile. The heat between the two characters makes the sex more seductive.


Bound In Love:

Yvette’s husband, Brett, was deployed out of the country. He has been open to her needs and desires, and she to his, since they met. The one fantasy she has not confessed is the fantasy to be bound and dominated. Now she has been raped. How can she tell him about her fantasy and her secret? What will his reaction be?

Bound in Love is a tale of a woman overcoming a major trauma in her life that could keep her from fulfilling her personal fantasies and dreams. Yvette’s character struggles and grows stronger with the help of her husband’s love and her therapist’s help. The sex is sensual in nature as Yvette learns to enjoy her dreams.


All About Trust:

 Gregory is all that Melissa has looked for in a lover. She has searched for someone to sexually dominate her. She has found him.

All About Trust is a fast-paced tale of submission. The characters’ know what they want and enjoy acting out their desires. The sex is strictly BDSM but it is quite enjoyable.


Kinky Girls Do is a collection of four short stories that each look at dominance and submission differently. All are well written and the characters are excellently portrayed. The women each come out strong and classy while still being true to themselves. The different styles of the relationships were able to maintain a strong tie to each other while maintaining differences. Kinky Girls Do gets your attention and keeps it. It is a book that has hooked me on Michelle Houston’s writing style and I will be looking for more of her books to read in the future.


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