Incubus Nights by Michelle Marquis
Whiskey Creek Press - Torrid
ISBN: 978-1-60313-006-6
Reviewed by Klarissa



Kelly never thought one night out with the girls would change her life.  After leaving the club called Incubus Nights, Kelly finds a necklace.   Strange things begin to happen to her in her dreams.  At least, she thinks they are dreams.

Baal, a dancer at Incubus Nights, gets his power from all the aroused women in the club.  Being only half-demon the necklace he wears keeps his demon urges at bay.  But when he loses his necklace things start to get very interesting.

Incubus Nights is a lusty tale full of hot erotic sex.  Baal and Kelly were exactly what the other needed.  I had to keep a fan close by for this one.  Not much on plot or characterization, but Ms. Marquis penned a fun story for a quick escape of reality.


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