In His Protective Custody by Brenda Williamson
Liquid Silver Books
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-59578-365-3
Reviewed by Indy



As one of the major talents in the justice system, A.D.A. Lorelei Blackwell is the first person her boss comes to when a delicate case falls into his lap. Her job was simple, get the ATF agent to cooperate in a way that will give the District Attorneyís office a slam dunk case against a king pin in the drug trade. Things donít go well when Assistant District Attorney Blackwell meets Rafe Salazar, the partner to her witness and unwilling participant in the case. Lorelei and Rafe shoot off more fireworks than the killers working to shut them both up before they are able to close their case on the drug lord once and for all. The two will have to get past their issues if they plan on staying alive long enough to know if their sparks will fizzle out, or are part of something bigger and lasting.

Hot and cold from one minute to the next, Rafe and Loreleiís life threatening adventure is one hair raising encounter after another. In His Protective Custody is a contemporary tale of romance laced with suspense. I say laced because Brenda Williamsonís story was really easy to figure out if you paid attention to all the clues. Luckily the lack of intrigue didnít take away from the overall story. I still found myself enjoying the tug of war between the emotionally bruised Rafe and Lorelei, who wore her feelings for all to see. One thing Iím sure readers will enjoy is the roaring flames these two produce and how these two make imperfection look oh so good!


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