Hurts So Good by Gail Faulkner, Lisa Renee Jones and Sahara Kelly
Pocket Books
Erotic Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN 978-1-4165-3613-0
Reviewed by Nannette



Romeo by Gail Falkner

On the way to her friendís familyís ranch, Lauren discovers that one of the reasons Carla invited her along was to watch her turn down her cousin Romeo. But Carla wasnít counting on RomeoĎs determination to have Lauren, or Laurenís willingness to be had.

Romeo is a very hot and romantic story. Romeo is all alpha male. I loved his protectiveness and persistence, itís very sexy. Lauren is innocent and sweet and she fits Romeo like a glove. 


Hurts So Good by Lisa Renee Jones

Itís all work and no play for Kelly Marshall. When she finally lets her hair down, she meets Marc Majors. Marc makes her forget her career and her inhibitions when they share a night of steamy passion. When itís over, Kelly intends to go back to work and forget all about the special night they shared, but Marc wonít give up that easily.

In Hurts So Good, Marc is very sexy and Kelly is strong and yet vulnerable. From their first kiss to their last embrace, I found Hurts So Good to be a very romantic and sexy story.


Sizzle by Sahara Kelly

Eleven years ago Dylan Sinclair and Susanna Chalmers shared and intimate moment without ever touching each other. Susana ran off afterwards and Dylan has wanted her ever since. Now Dylan is back, and he intends to show Susana how good they can be together.

Dylan and Susanna are very different and yet they work. Although I really liked seeing Dylan fall hard for Susanna I wasnít sure he would because he is such a playboy. Sizzle has a lot of hot sex and sweet ending too.   


All three stories in Hurts So Good are fantasies, and those small improbable details made them sizzle for me! Hurts So Good is a very hot and fun to read anthology.


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