Hunterís Mate by Bernadette Gardner
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by Indy



Never believing she would be one to go home and lick her wounds from a broken heart, Victoria is happy her over-protective parents arenít home to see their daughter at one of her low points. Her need for solitude is abruptly interrupted when sheís kidnapped by one of her fatherís people. A faction of the Sha-Shiri beings has come to earth for the hybrid offspring of one of their people for reproductive purposes. Victoria has no plans on being a breeder for anyone, human or alien, and she finds a friend in Kash-Koori, an alien who is more than he seems. Kash has been given the job of impregnating Victoria but the thought is repugnant to him and the two will have to join forces if they want to prevent the atrocity of forced breeding that neither wants to happen.

When I saw the word breeding I imagined a story full of sex but was pleasantly surprised to see that this little tidbit of futuristic romance was incased inside of a really interesting story. Victoriaís background alone and her knowledge of her fatherís people added a depth to Hunterís Mate that would have been lacking without her spunky personality and aggressive nature. Not a woman to lie down and accept whatever the aliens wanted, she had me laughing from first punch. Bernadette Gardner wrote a story Iím sure will win her more than a few new fans.


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