Give and Take by Kira Stone
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-358-1
Reviewed by Jo



Hannah Baird is a legal counselor at Earth Prime’s Legal Complex.  Hannah firmly believes that all rules and laws are black and white and she has very little use for anyone who operates in the grays of the world.  Dennis Rafferty has been a counselor long enough to know that most things operate in the gray and that give and take is the only way to make any headway.  After Hannah and Dennis fail at a negotiating session, Hannah storms back to her office only to get an invitation for a session in Complex M.   Anton, the sexy man she meets with, is not what Hannah is expecting and neither is Complex M.  This session is the first clue that Hannah gets that, just maybe, give and take is what’s needed.  Now, can Dennis and Anton teach Hannah about give and take?

Give and Take takes a man that has experienced enough of life to realize that, while black and white are nice, most things involve the areas of gray and the concept of give and take.  And a woman who has only looked at things in black and white and believes in the straight and narrow.  Hannah and Dennis appear to operate on the extreme ends from the other, but when you throw in Anton, a sexy masseuse with a talent for a gentle touch and words, it creates the perfect area to learn all about give and take.  Watching Hannah learn, from Dennis and Anton, that relaxing and accepting the idea that not everything has to be right or wrong, or black or white was a sensual experience.  One I found very rewarding by the end of Give and Take.  I would totally live in the world of give and take if I could be given a session with Anton.  Give and Take is a futuristic journey of discovery that happens to be placed in the legal system.  No matter what your choice of genre is, I feel everyone will enjoy Ms. Stone’s story.


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