Ghosts and Roses by Kelley St. John
The Sexth Sense, Book 2
Harlequin Blaze
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-79341-9
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Gage Vicknair comes from an extraordinary family.  He and his siblings are mediums to lost souls who die and are unable to immediately cross over into the spiritual realm.  When Gage starts to hear the shrill cry of a ghost, he knows that he is going to be given the task of helping a spirit cross.  To refuse is not an option.

Gage is working his last few minutes of his shift at the hospital before his vacation when an ambulance brings in a woman who has been brutally stabbed.  Gage sees what no one else does Ė her spirit leaves her body and implores his help to save a loved one.  Now all Gage has to do is find the woman, Makayla, and rescue her from danger so that his latest spirit can happily go on to heaven.

Amnesiac Kayla has dreamed of him nightly. She doesnít know who he is but he visits her dreams and makes her want him so much it hurts.  Unsure of who she is or how she came to be in the shelter, Kayla spends her days trying to figure out why she feels so close to her fantasy man.  Kayla doesnít remember very much from her past, only bits and pieces.  One thing is for certain; someone wants her dead and Gage is her only hope at staying safe.

Ghosts and Roses is author Kelley St. Johnís hauntingly beautiful follow up to Kiss and Dwell, the first book of The Sexth Sense trilogy.  Ghost and Roses features playboy trauma doctor Gage Vicknair and Makayla Sparks, the woman Gageís spirit implores him to save.  The chemistry between Gage and Kayla sizzles the pages of Ghost and Roses and so I was fully engaged in this story.  The plot was unique and I like how realistic I found the story.  I know that mediums exist and supposedly talk to deceased people.  But Kelley St. Johnís ability to bring these characters and her stories to life amazes me.  Thumbs up for Ghosts and Roses.  I am now looking forward to Shiver and Spice, the third and final book of this incredible series. 


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