Fresh Air by Thom Jaymes
Aspen Mountain Press
Contemporary Erotic m/m
ISBN: 978-1-60168-035-8
Reviewed by Rosemary



At the party of a mutual friend, Alan Deckard and Josh Withers meet on the deck where Alan had stepped out to get away from the party racket.  The flames of a promising desirability had just sparked, when Josh’s girlfriend comes out and plants herself on Josh’s knees, Alan took that as his signal to exit.  At a surprised encounter in the boss’s office at work, and after a blistering kiss, Josh reveals his wishes, but Alan refuses to be Josh’s clandestine lover. 

Fresh Air is about believing and accepting you.  Alan is gay, and is comfortable with being who he is.  Josh has to make a choice, stay undeclared and lose his chances with Alan, or accept his true nature and be happy.  Thom Jaymes has created a very warm and sensual preview to love and truth. Creating an enchanting breath of Fresh Air.


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