Flying High by Drew Zachary
Freighter Flights, Book 2
Torquere Press
Gay Sci-Fi (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-077-1, 1-60370-077-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Will and Tab are living happily on the Arillia, but not everything is perfect on the ship or between them.  Will has a lot of hang-ups that surface in the oddest ways, which keeps Tab constantly off-balance and at arms length.  Still, both Will and Tab are really trying to make their relationship work.  However, when Tabís experimenting with the engine lands the ship in more trouble than Will can get them out of Ė everything hits the fan at once.  Can Will come up with the money to get them out of trouble and will he forgive Tab?  Will they be able to work through this and salvage their relationship?

Flying High brings back the crew of the Arillia and takes us along the adventures of Will and Tab.  These two men are made for each other and watching them build a relationship thatís more than sex was frustrating and rewarding all at once.  Will with his damaged psyche does all he can to push Tab away from him, but Tab is persistent and eventually wins Willís trust.  The passion between the two men is so engrossing that during their encounters you will find yourself sweating and wishing you were there.  Flying High is a fun read thatís full of lava hot encounters between Will and Tab and the emotional seesaw of their relationship will keep you intrigued throughout the entire book.  However, I felt that I missed some of the nuances of the story because I havenít read the first book Freighter Flights.  Drew Zachary is an author to keep an eye out for and Flying High is a great summer read for Sci-Fi lovers!


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