Flesh and the Devil by Devyn Quinn
Erotic Vampire
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1653-3
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Brenden Wallace is a walking and talking disaster.  Recently divorced, he works nights as a vice cop and spends his days sleeping. No social life to speak of, he smokes and drinks and doesnít take care of his self.  One night, while on a sting investigating an escort service, Brenden finds himself outwitted by a beautiful and enchanting woman he thinks is a prostitute.  Nothing could be further from the truth if the erotic bite she gave him is any indication of her lifestyle.  With just one encounter, Brenden knows that he has to see Liadan again.  Now if only he can find her.

Liadan Niamh is a vampire under the control of her maker.  Originally a farm girl from Hungary, she has no choice but to do the bidding of her master, a killer named Auguste who thrives on the control he has over her. Anytime she gets close to anyone, he thwarts her by harming them. Even though Brenden thought she was a hooker, Liadan canít stop thinking about him.  She knows the repercussions of falling in love; Auguste has shown her that many times in the hundreds of years since he turned her. 

Flesh and the Devil was a great vampire erotica book. I was astounded at the emotional ties Liadan and Brenden shared and found myself almost believing the storyline it was so realistic.  Unable to set Flesh and the Devil down, I engulfed it in one sitting and then had to go back and read it again in case I missed anything.  If you are a fan of a well-written and highly intense vampire romance, Flesh and the Devil should not be missed. 


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