Fireworks by Vic Winter, BA Tortuga, Sean Michael
Taste Test
Torquere Press
Gay Romance Anthology
ISBN: (13) 978-1-60370-082-5; (10) 1-60370-082-X
Reviewed by Sabella



Fingerstains by Vic Winter

Remembering that first encounter where we discover what makes our bodies sing is always a sweet memory.  Today a random comment by a child takes Jaime back to the first time he ever kissed a boy…

Vic Winter did an awesome job of capturing the sweet wonder of the first sexual experience we share with another.  Fingerstains will take you back to the time in your life where every touch leads to a discovery – don’t pass it up!


Explosive Distractions by BA Tortuga

Sonny is determined to distract and entertain MJ – because if the man gets bored something will blow up.  Will Sonny create enough explosions for MJ to forget his toys?

As always Sonny and MJ will leave you panting and laughing all at the same time.  Explosive Distractions will have you grinning along with MJ when the sparks fly.


Little Explosions by Sean Michael

Being an ER doctor is never fun during the holidays, but when a particularly brutal shift brings Bruce into Dan’s ER, Dan begins to think that fireworks can sometimes be a great thing.

Dan and Bruce will melt your screen and have you sweating from beginning to end.  Little Explosions is a great read for a sultry afternoon.


Fireworks is a breathtaking anthology that takes us from sweet and innocent to hot and sticky.  Fingerstains is a sweet story that reminisces about the first blush of love.  Explosive Distractions revisits the all time favorites, MJ and Sonny and their ability to find trouble.  Little Explosions brings together two men who will light up the sky with the explosions their passion makes. Vic Winter, BA Tortuga and Sean Michael wrote excellent stories that will keep you glued to your screen and sighing in satisfaction when you are done. Pick up Fireworks is the perfect read for a sweaty summer afternoon – get this for yourself today!


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