Fire and Rain by Lauren Dane
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Werewolf
ISBN: 9781419912207
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Laurent Cole and his Alpha, Andreas, are hungry and stop at a café called The Black Cat Café and Coffee House for breakfast.  As soon as Laurent walks in the door he is mesmerized by the black haired waitress working in the restaurant.  The closer she gets, the louder his wolf howls, and after just a few short words exchanged with her, Laurent knows a certain fact and has no doubts.  She is his Mate and he wants her.

Rain Foster has spent the last year in Seattle working and doing her best to stay as inconspicuous as possible after having left her home without her father’s permission.  Being a waitress at the café allows Rain the time to pursue her true love, which is painting and she hopes to host her own art show one day.  Working her normal morning shift, Rain is brought to a dead stop when two of the most beautiful and powerful men she has ever seen walk through the door.  Totally tongue-tied and somewhat embarrassed, she can’t help but notice how captivating the darker man is than his companion.  Instantly in lust with him, Rain imagines the most naughty things, never realizing that her thoughts just might become her reality.

Lusting for Laurent Cole in the worst way while reading Ascension, also by Lauren Dane, I so wanted him to have his own story.  And oh, what a great story it was.  Laurent has spent his life guarding those he loved.  He deserved a mate, and one worthy of him.  Rain was exactly the woman for him.  She was feisty, fun, and rocked his world.  Together, their love scenes were seductively innocent at times, and then they would do an about face and were hot enough to make me blush.

Fire and Rain was excellent.  Lauren Dane continues to be a favorite and an automatic read for me.  Released this week from Ellora’s Cave, Fire and Rain is a magnificent addition to any bookshelf.  While it is closely tied together with the previous novel, Ascension, it totally stands alone.  I found it amazingly wonderful.  Of course, after having read it, I now yearn for more from this talented author.


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