Finding the Divine: The Heirophant by JL Jensen
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60370-086-3, 1-60370-086-2
Reviewed by Cassie



Ian McCormac is an ER nurse with an unusual habit.  Every day, he does a tarot card reading, just to see how things are going in his life.  One morning, he gets a very strange and unexpected reading.  That day, he meets the new ER doctor, Roberto Valdez.  He thinks Roberto is hot, but since heís pretty deeply in the closet he knows nothing will come of his attraction.  Then he agrees to give Roberto a tour of the city and discovers the manís been living in a hotel due to a fire, so he invites Roberto to be his roommate.  Thatís when things get really strange!  Will Ian find love at last, or will the tarot cards steer him toward disaster?

Finding the Divine is a quick read with very interesting subject matter.  I donít know much about the tarot, but the book gave me a bit of background and explanation, which helped me understand the significance of Ianís readings.  Uncertain, closeted Ian was a likeable character, as was the equally uncertain but more experienced Roberto.  I liked the way JL Jensen used POV-shifts to tell the story through the eyes of both men, although it took a bit of getting used to at first.  While there were a few pieces of cheesy dialogue and a place or two where I would have liked a bit more back-story, overall, Finding the Divine was a fast, enjoyable read.


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