Finding Ms. Right by Lori Soard
Amber Quill Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60272-070-1
Reviewed by Tanya



Jenna doesn’t know what she is going to do about her bookstore.  She is behind in her bills, her sisters are getting ready to go off to college and she can’t face the possibility of losing her parents’ legacy.  She is amused with the recent bequest from her Aunt of an old trunk, with even older books in it.  Then she finds the book “How to Wed a Man of Means” and it seems to offer the solution she needs.  So she starts reading, while the advice seems to be counter to what she normally would do, her normal actions haven’t gotten her anywhere.  In walks Slade, the man who was her high school crush, and one of the best looking guys in town.  He's as gorgeous as ever, and asks her out.

Slade needs a wife and that's all there is to it.  He has a two month old baby who is colicky, and in the last two months he's gone through five different nannies.  Being an educated man he decides he'll go get a book and embark on the job of finding a wife.  When he gets a book titled “Finding Ms. Right” at Jenna’s store he is pleasantly surprised to see that Jenna is now all grown up, and decides to ask her out. 

Will these two get together or will all of the contradicting advice from their books cloud their real feelings?

Finding Ms. Right is a sweet inspirational story about finding things when you need them the most.  I loved that the two main characters are both secretly using books to find their mate.  What makes it even funnier is that the books seem to contradict each other in what should be done, causing quite a few humorous occasions.  I found the writing to be well done and Finding Ms. Right to be very sweet and definitely worth my time.


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