Finding Her Place by Midnyte Dupree
Twilight Fantasies
Sci-Fi/ Erotic/ Ménage
ISBN: 978-1-934495-18-6
Reviewed by Tanya



Cameron Cabot is a soldier, the daughter of two soldiers.  She doesn’t know what to do with her life now that the war she and her parents’ generation have fought is over.  After being ordered on vacation and coerced by her best friend to have some fun they are on their way to a spa planet.  They are attacked on their way to the spa planet and crash land on a luscious planet.  When Cameron wakes she finds that two men are claiming she is their mate.  While she is attracted to them, like no others have attracted her before, she is torn by her feelings for the men and needing to follow her training and duty.

Mars and Noah have been friends since they were kids.  Now one is the commander in the army and the other a doctor.  When the King tells Mars he needs to find a mate, and to insure the future of their race there must be a second mate, he can think of no one he would rather do this with than Noah.  While he understands why Cameron says she must leave, he doesn’t like it, but won’t force her to stay.  Noah is even less happy as he thinks they have found a mate like those in the old stories, one that will be a love match.

Will Cameron be able to give up her men?  Will she figure out what to do with the next chapter of her life?

Not only is the cover to Finding Her Place hot and erotic but so are the sex scenes inside.  I thoroughly enjoyed this Sci-Fi story about finding what is next in life when one chapter is over.  The author does a great job with the internal struggle that Cameron goes through when battling what she knows versus what she desires out of life.  I also hope that Simone will get her own story and we will get to catch up with Cameron and her men.  Finding Her Place is one spicy read for the summer months.


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