Egyptian Days by Jennifer Mueller
Linden Bay
ISBN # 978-1-60202-043-6
ISBN # 978-1602020429 (Print)
Reviewed by Barb



Four years ago, Victoria Bredehorst was murdered by an abusive husband. At the moment of her death her soul transported back in time to Ancient Egypt and took over the body of Mayati, the wife of Khaemhat, a Priest of Osiris. The powerful Khaemhat, knowing that Mayati has been somehow transformed, opens himself up to the possibility of love, hoping this time to find a woman he can take completely into his heart without reservation. Victoria, traumatized from her violent past, begins to experience love for the first time, sharing her bed and her life with the passionate man who thinks of himself as her husband.  Until one day a neighbor is killed, and Mayati is framed for the murder. Victoria fights to prove her innocence, finding her body’s former inhabitant had many secrets that could inspire murder and revenge. Can she uncover the murderer before the secrets destroy her newfound happiness?

Egyptian Days is a fast-paced, quick, enjoyable read that draws the reader in and makes you wonder who committed the murder and how they accomplished it.


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