Edge of Sanity by Jenna Byrnes
Book 1, Serial
Freyaís Bower
Paranormal, Contemporary
Reviewed by Indy



Joss Wheelerís new home is compliments of a father she never met. A white man with a black woman wasnít acceptable in his circles, so now Joss has to use her fatherís home to get to know the man who helped father. Against her motherís better advice, Joss is in a new city, in a home filled with artifacts and stuffed animals. That would be bearable if it wasnít for the fact that the home he lived in seems to be hunted. Her fatherís friend sends over a local detective to help with her nocturnal problems. Detective Jake Gilford is a small town detective and more aware of his new case than he should be. Jake is a hard facts kind of man and heís wondering if the beautiful young woman is just a little touched in the head.

This is my first attempt at reading a chapter book, a book broken down into chapters and released as many episodes. In Edge of Sanity I, as a reader, am  faced with the issue of is there something really wrong at the new home of Joss Wheeler or is she just a beautiful nutcase. In the first couple of chapters, Jenna Byrnes pretty much set up the basic story and leaves you wondering what will happen next. Iím looking forward to seeing if there is really something wrong with her dead fatherís home and how the budding attraction between the detective and Joss will turn out. Check back for my thoughts on the next installment soon!


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