Demolishing Mr. Perfect by Ashlyn Chase
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Romance
ISBN #9781419912078
Reviewed by Tanya



Natalie has an interesting job, she one of the screening nurses at a sperm bank.  She also comes from a well to do Boston family, and has a few prejudices due to this.  Her social life is at a stand still, she has a steadfast rule, if you stand me up and don’t call you are done.  It is a one strike you're out rule.  Unfortunately this seems to be eliminating eligible men quickly; though she seems to be doing all her dating with men she meets at the sperm bank.  Things are about to change is what the tea leaf reader tells her, when her best friend makes her attend a reading one lunch hour.  She also tells her she might need to change her definition of the perfect man.

Shane “Crusher” owns a demolition company who blasts the building next to the sperm bank.  When Natalie comes rushing out and reads him the riot act he is intrigued with her.  She on the other hand writes him off as a lug head with none of the attributes that she wants in a man.  Shane doesn’t take no for an answer and pursues her on a date.  Natalie is stunned to find out how deeply she is attracted to him, but will he measure up to her definition of a perfect man? Or will she adjust her definition to meet Shane’s qualities?

Demolishing Mr. Perfect was a fast paced contemporary romance.  I found that I was cheering on Shane and was annoyed with the ‘prissiness’ of Natalie.  I continued to become more enthralled in the story with each chapter, hoping to see Shane put Natalie in her place.  I won’t reveal whether he was completely successful or not.  I feel the book is well worth the read for those of you who wish to find out.  Ms. Chase does a good job creating real characters and settings.  Demolishing Mr. Perfect was a fun light read.


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