Captive of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey
The Malory Series
Pocket Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-0548-8
Reviewed by Annmarie



After the death of her mother, Gabrielle Brooks leaves England for the Caribbean to find her father.  Imagine her shock to find her father, Nathan Brooks, is a pirate.  Gabrielle quickly acclimates to life as the Caribbean pirate’s daughter.  After three years of treasure hunting, swimming and sailing, Gabrielle’s father insists she return to England to find a proper husband.  Since James Malory is in his debt, Nathan sends Gabrielle to him to be presented to society. 

Soon Gabrielle is in London and in the capable hands of James’ wife, Georgina.  Georgina’s brother Drew Anderson, a sea captain with no desire to marry, is in London to visit his sister.   Drew finds himself playing escort to Georgina and Gabrielle as they look for a husband for Gabrielle at soirees and balls.  With a slip of the tongue, Drew plunges Gabrielle into scandal.  Seeking revenge, Gabrielle takes Drew captive and takes over his ship.  In close quarters at sea, it becomes impossible to douse the passion that threatens to burn out of control.

I have adored every book in the Malory series.  I would have paid any price to see James again.  Knowing he had a role in Captive of My Desires made me wiggle with delight.  I knew from previous Mallory novels that Drew would make an excellent hero.  I also knew that Drew’s heroine, whoever she might be, would deliver his much-deserved comeuppance.  And oh how Gabrielle delivered! 

Captive of My Desires is another superlative novel by the prolific Johanna Lindsey.  Dashing and adventurous heroes, high-spirited and brave heroines, fiendish villains and scorching passion are what Ms. Lindsey is famous for giving her readers.  Captive of My Desires is Johanna Lindsey at her best!


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