Caged by Sean Michael
Torquere Press
ISBN: 1-933389-28-1
Reviewed by Rosemary



Looking at the view from his home office window, mind reader called Information Agent, Palin, is waiting for one of his regular clients to arrive.  During the meeting with his client, Palin obtains an image of a Vala, a slave bred and engineered for pleasure; he was reaching out to Palin.  After his client leaves, Palin takes an air cab to the flesh emporium to purchase the slave who is oiled, gagged and chained to the wall on display.

The slave has inadequate understanding of anything outside of the emporium rules of fighting and compliance to the customers.  He has no concept of having a home or even having a name.  His new master, his Eiba named him Tigre.  Palin tutors Tigre in the art of self-discipline.  Tigre promptly learns that by satisfying his gentle master; they are rewarded with mutual gratification.

Caged is a sensual journey to finding contentment.  Sean Michael has the talent to illustrate extreme passion, he also gives a picture of how Tigre, a much larger and stronger man, who could easily overpower Palin, is controlled by kindhearted management, which engenders fidelity in Tigre.  This is a sultry and tantalizing story of being Caged by the pleasures of love.


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