Bound by Fate by Lee Rush
Black Velvet Seductions
Contemporary BDSM
ISBN: 0-9774682-4-0
Reviewed by Klarissa



Standing in front of a restaurant, Annie remembers her time with James.  She met James online, quickly striking up a friendship that led to even deeper feelings.  As both their significant others were ill they both sought out someone to share the pain with.  As their online chats progress into discussions of BDSM and more, James and Annie decide to meet.

James is a dominant man who likes a little submissiveness in a relationship.  Annie is eager to learn what will make James happy, because her feelings for him have grown into love.

Then out of the blue James quits talking to Annie completing breaking her heart.  As she stands in front of that restaurant reminiscing, she gets pushed and falls hitting her head.  Only when she recovers, the man who broke her heart is with her again.  Will James end up breaking her heart again?

Bound by Fate is a story of a mature relationship developing online into something more.  Each one explores their desires of BDSM.  I didnít particularly like this story.  I quickly got bored with Annie and James.  I couldnít quite grasp the whole reason why James up and quit talking to Annie when he knew from the beginning she had a husband.  In the end, however, he does redeem himself and becomes a likable character.  Lee Rush has a good voice, but the characters and plot left much to be desired.


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