Blaze by Kate Hill
Knight of the Ruby Order, Book 1
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41990-772-2
Reviewed by Klarissa




When Melody returns from her assignment for the Opal Order after ten years, she returns to Femmeglen as a festival is going on.  As she watches the Knights of the Green Sash perform, her attention is drawn to Sir Blaze.  Her connection to him feels almost instant and she wants to meet him.

Sir Blaze and Melody have a common gift.  Sir Blazeís makes him feel special, but others think him odd.  Yet, as danger erupts around him and Melody, Sir Blazeís gift disappears.  Will he lose the lady he loves along with the gift that makes him who he is?

Blaze is a story I could have really gotten into, but the actual excitement didnít start until much later.  I was wondering where the story was headed and what the conflict actually was.  Normally suspense is a good thing, but Blaze just felt lacking in plot, unable to keep my attention.  I enjoyed Sir Blaze and Melody and the secondary characters were also well developed.  Although I didnít much enjoy Blaze, Kate Hill is still a favorite author of mine.


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