Blackthorne’s Bride by Shana Galen
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-112497-6
Reviewed by Annmarie



Lady Madeleine Castleigh is tired of being pursued for her dowry.  Taking matters into her own hands, she persuades a boring, mild-mannered gentleman to marry her.  Their plan to elope is first detoured when Lady Madeleine’s cousin insists on chaperoning.  Then their carriage is seized by two noblemen, the Martingale brothers, being pursued by an angry duke. 

Madeleine is horrified by her immediate and fierce attraction to Jack Martingale, Marquess of Blackthorne.  Being chased by not only an angry duke but also Madeleine’s angry father, Madeleine and Jack jump from one adventure into another.  When the pair is accidentally married, Madeleine is incensed.  Soon her anger turns to passion, and in Jack, Madeleine may discover the husband she was afraid to dream for.

Blackthorne’s Bride is full of adventure.  Wild chases, high-spirited escapades, fights and unlikely rescuers keep the plot at a very fast pace.  I was also delighted by the humor in Blackthorne’s Bride.  There were several times that I couldn’t hold in my giggles.  Add in a lot of sexual tension and some pretty sizzling passions and you have a first-rate historical romance.  Fans of Shana Galen expect exceptional writing and Blackthorne’s Bride delivers!


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