Best Laid Plans by Bronwyn Green
Cerridwen Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 9781419910401
Reviewed by Tanya



Alexzander “Zander” is a successful college professor.  He has only one problem, due to the indiscretions of others in his department he risks not getting tenure because he is single.  Those in charge of the department feel that they want someone who is stable and has roots.  Zander decides that to accomplish his goal he just needs a pretend ‘love of his life’ and he best friend and neighbor is just the person to fill the position.

Tessa comes from a privileged background and can’t stand the way her parents react to anything not in their plans.  She is especially upset by the way they reacted to her being attacked by her boyfriend years ago.  So to keep her sanity she only goes home for the mandatory family outings.  She has come a long way in her life.  Tessa is now a librarian and she also mentors young women at a shelter who have also been sexually assaulted.  The problem is suddenly it looks like Tessa has a stalker.  At first she thinks she is overreacting, but when she and Zander start to ‘pretend date’ things appear to be escalating to the next level with her stalker.

Can Zander help Tessa, or will he overreact due to a past experience with a stalker that turned deadly.  All Tessa wants to do is keep everyone safe and see where this new relationship with her friend is going.  Or will the stress of it all tear them apart?

Best Laid Plans is an action packed story that keeps you guessing as to whom the stalker really is.  I like a story that does not reveal who the antagonist is too early on and makes you reason it out, and even throws you a few false possibilities.  Best Laid Plans does not disappoint on this front, it also does not disappoint in the sensual scenes between Tessa and Zander.  The story also helps to point out that keeping secrets can sometime just confuse things more than keep others safe.  I found this story thoroughly enjoyable and will look for others by this author.


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