Beast Within by Mima
Bonded Series - Book 1
Liquid Silver Books
Shape Shifter Romance/Fantasy
ISBN 978-1-59578-369-1
Reviewed by Tanya



Freezha is nervous, she is to be married in less than a week and one thing for certain is that she doesnít want to still be a virgin at the mating ceremony.  She is working up to approaching her sweet and sexy mate, but then she is attacked and now is skittish of many of his kind and their control.  After everything she's been through she is still willing to try based on the love she feels from her mate.  So she approaches him with a list of things she wants to accomplish before the end of the week, she especially wants to know the difference between rumor and truth.

Vyur is stunned that the silver blond haired goddess has chosen him.  He canít believe his luck, though he is not sure how he will be able to break the news of some of their customs to her.  He is spending a lot of time with her during their week between the choosing and the mating.  He is willing to do just about anything for Freezha.  When she asks to have her virginity taken before the mating ceremony he knows that he will do as she wishes, but in doing so he must reveal all to her.  Will she be able to accept all that his race needs and still want to be with him?

Beast Within is an interesting look at yet another shape-shifter society, this one not on Earth.  The author sets an interesting stage for how the society picks its mates, especially with their offspring never seeming to produce females.  Readers should be warned that there are sexual scenes when Vyur is partially changed, while I was not bothered by this some might be.  I found the story to be well written and the created world interesting to read about.


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