Back Forty by BA Tortuga
Single Shot Classics
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-083-2; 1-60370-083-8
Reviewed by Sabella



Rusty is struggling to make it at the family farm – he has a lot of work and just himself to do it.  He really needs an extra hand – which he can’t pay – or failing that he needs more hours in the day.  However, when Rusty stops to help out a stranger on the side of the road he ends up with much more than he expected.  Wayne really likes the look of Rusty but he was only offered a place to stay while his truck was fixed.  Too bad Wayne would love to be invited to Rusty’s bed and Rusty has no idea how to make the first move.

Back Forty is a wonderfully sweet and erotic romance by BA Tortuga which delivers everything you might want from a steamy romance. Rusty is charmingly young and eager, while Wayne is more experienced and certain of himself.  These two will charm and entertain you from the very first word.  The encounters between Rusty and Wayne are bone-meltingly hot, so keep close by a tall glass of water to cool off.  Back Forty is the perfect read for a lazy day spent in bed – you won’t be disappointed!


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