Archive by Viola Grace
Half Blood Book 4
eXtasy Books
Romance - Paranormal
ISBN 1-55410-776-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Melissande aka Jinx is in trouble, her secret is out.  She is the only known living Archive, and the glamour that she and her friends have used to each stay secret in this and the other realm is now coming down.  She doesn’t want to only serve the Mage’s as those who do seem to disappear and have no life.  So she is going to seek protection with the local were pack, as her Grandmother had suggested.  She and her gremlin take off to her Grandmother's cabin, where she is greeted by a couple of weres sent to guard her.  She is drawn to Sirnel and he seems to understand her, and he is one hot stud both as a wolf and man.  But, suddenly the Grandfather who had no desire to even acknowledge her is now trying to assert influence and demand she is part of his pack. 

Archive was a wonderful final chapter to the Half Blood series.  I loved how Jinx is able to use her gift to thwart the dominating alpha and make things right for not only her but her mother.  Additionally the author does know how to write a hot love scene which adds to my liking her works.  While Archive is in a series it can be read as a stand alone book and you can read the series out of order but it won’t be as much fun.  A great summer read.


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