Always Mine by Sophia Johnson
Blackthorn Trilogy, Book 1
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-7884-6
Reviewed by Annmarie



As a young child Lydia Hunter was drawn to the portrait of an eleventh century laird, Damron of Blackthorn Castle.  Claiming Lord Damron as her own, Lydia is compelled to visit the Highlands every year.  This year’s visit proves to be like none before.  This trip to Blackthorn castle sends Lydia Hunter back in time to the eleventh century where everyone calls her Brianna and she comes face to face with ‘her’ Lord Damron.

Known as a fierce warrior, Lord Damron is loyal to his king.  When he is ordered to marry the purportedly meek Saxon, Brianna, he is less than thrilled.  However, the Brianna he meets is anything but mild.  Lord Damron’s bride is spirited and bold.  Claiming Brianna using his might will not work for Lord Damron.  Brianna’s heart cannot be claimed; it can only be given.

I absolutely adored Sophia Johnson’s Always Mine!  The concept of two souls being joined across time is so very romantic.  While Damron is fierce and so totally Alpha, he doesn’t cross the line and become a brute.  Damron is totally tingle worthy!  Brianna’s strength of heart makes her a perfect complement to Damron, and the pair is a very charismatic couple.  Always Mine is powerfully passionate and a treat for the heart. 


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