All Creatures Great and Dead by Mary Ann Chulick
Cerridwen Press
ISBN #9781419908774
Reviewed by Barb



His stepmother Alicia is blackmailing Travis Kellman. Only problem is he does not have a clue as to what she is blackmailing him with. She won’t tell him, but says it will change his life completely. Then Alicia turns up dead, with the family being the main suspects. There is a witness, the family poodle. Can Travis learn anything from a dog – he is a vet after all. Problems arise as the Police Chief is an old enemy who does not appreciate Travis’ own murder investigation. Travis can’t help himself from falling in love with JayBee, and JayBee’s last boyfriend was just released from prison and is out for revenge. Tracking down the real murderer is going to be interesting if Travis can do it – before the killer gets to him.

I enjoyed All Creatures Great and Dead very much. It grabs you in the first chapter and makes you think you know who the murderer is in a couple of places only to find out it is not as easy to solve as it seems. The characters are well drawn and your interest is kept throughout the book.


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