Ainít Myth-Behaving by Katie MacAlister
Sensual Paranormal Romance Anthology
ISBN 978-1416524939
Reviewed by Nannette



Stag Party

Dane Hearne is a god, literally. He needs to get married by Beltane otherwise heíll become mortal and die.  When sexy and sassy author Megan St. Clair arrives at his castle, Dean knows she is the one for him. All he has to do now is convince Megan they are soul mates and to marry him, in six days. Just as Megan is beginning to warm to him, Daneís wife shows up which makes things very interesting around the castle.

Stag Party is so much fun! Itís witty, clever and romantic. Dane is simply irresistible.  I would have fallen for him in two days, three tops! Stag Party is a terrific story with fantastic characters and a sexy romance.


Norse Truly

Brynna Lund is in Sweden visiting her relatives. She attempts to escape her boisterous family for a bit,  but her relaxing drive ends when a deer leaps in front of her car, sending her careening down to the beach and plunging into the water. 

Alrik Sigurdsson is a Viking. He and his crew were cursed thirteen hundred years ago. They insist that the woman they rescue from the water is the Valkyrie who can save them and lead them to Valhalla. Brynna is very skeptical, but what she discovers about herself and her family has her believing that Alrik isnít crazy and that she just might be able to help him and the other Vikings. Once she gets to know him, will Brynna still want to help Alrik leave though? 

Alrik is very sexy, and his Viking friends are hilarious and outrageous in Norse Truly. They behave exactly as you would think men who were born thirteen hundred years ago would behave trapped in the twenty first century.  Brynna is a trooper and she fits Alrik like a glove. The ending of Norse Truly is touching and romantic. 


Ainít Myth-Behaving is a fantastically fun, super sexy story that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.  I was cheering for and laughing with Dane, Megan, Alrik and Brynna while being highly entertained with the plot and the fantastic cast of characters surrounding them. Note to self: Read more by Katie MacAlister!


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