After Sundown: Salvation by Eden Robins
Cerridwen Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-4199-0831-6
Reviewed by Lisa



It should be a time of happiness for Professor Sabrina Reyes when her first book is published, but a homicidal stalker is uppermost in her mind these days.  Sabrina has written an in-depth book about dragons, and someone has no intention of allowing her to release her findings.

The university hires Sundown Security Agency, who promptly sends Eric Drache to protect the professor.  The men from Sundown are special and Eric, even more so, nobody will get near Sabrina on his watch.

After a stormy breakup two years ago, Sabrina and Eric had hoped to never see each other again, but with her life in danger, allowances must be made.  The fates have thrown them together again and maybe this time they will both be honest about who and what they really are before a stalker ruins any chance they have for a future.

Author Eden Robins takes readers back to Sundown with another ‘special’ man and his destined mate.  Unfortunately there is too, too much mental and verbal foreplay before the ultimate orgasm between Sabrina and Eric. I enjoyed the characters and the story, but lost patience with Sabrina and Eric; it just seemed to take forever and ever for them to decide anything between them.

After Sundown: Salvation has solid word play, the characters are likeable, but the slow pace pulls down an otherwise engaging paranormal story.


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