Abandon by Viola Grace
Half Blood Book Club, Book 3
eXtasy Books
Fantasy/Dragon Shape Shifting
ISBN: 1-55410-776-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Graylin aka George is about to be found out.  She was been under a glamour spell for years that is soon to wear off.   When it does, it will reveal her as a dragon to those who are similar.  She doesn’t want to be forced into wedding another dragon that is not of her choosing.  So she takes matters into her own hands and picks her mate.  When they first see each other without the glamour it is one explosive coupling that follows.  But, will she underestimate the Council and be forced to wed another when she leads Rikard on a chase or is Rickard the man/dragon for her?

Abandon is a super hot story about being in control of your own life, and making choices that are right for you.  This is fantastic story with lots of hot sex, as well as a well thought out history and an additional realm where the dragons can live without detection.  Those who are not fans of shape-shifters should avoid this book as there is one scene that has both Graylin and Rikard partially shifted while having sex; personally I thought it was one smokin’ hot scene.  I am off to try to find book 4 in the series as Abandon has me hooked.


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