A Little White Lie by Aliyah Burke
Red Rose Publishing
Mainstream Romance/Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-005-9
Reviewed by Nellie



Tahnee Madison’s life is not perfect.  She has a malicious sister whose repertoire includes stealing her fiancé, harping on her generously endowed figure and constantly putting her down.  A little spat led to a little white lie about a beau who is hopelessly and passionately in love with her.  Though not the work of a fairy godmother, Tahnee’s wish comes true in the form of Jake Hutton.

Overhearing a conversation earlier in the day, Jake Hutton showed up as Tahnee’s mysterious beau.  At the pre-wedding dinner, drama unfolds as Topaz, Tahnee‘s sister, does her best to sink her claws into Jake even though she is engaged.  Though Tahnee and Jake’s relationship started off as a lie, there is passion, intensity and chemistry.  Can their little white lie survive the weekend?

I loved A Little White Lie because it identified with the little people.  Whether it’s catching the bus, sibling rivalry to weight conscious issues, these are every day things normal people struggle with and I totally identified with the story.  It was like drinking a cold beer on a hot day, it does not satiate you, but leaves you wanting more.  I still wanted more but alas, it came to an end.


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