A Lick and a Promise by Ann Wesley Hardin
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419912252
Reviewed by Rosemary



Anthros, aka Mark Arianos is a Markarian fugitive alien, things at home had reached epic proportions in the pure bloodlines department. And without an infusion of new mixed blood, his race would cease to exist.  Years ago Anthros formed a solution.  His mission now is to retrieve the whiz kid and return home to save the populace.  Landing on earth, Anthros is attempting to get in touch with the network called Center of the Universe, when he is overcome by too much air, he stops to rest in a back yard and as fate would have it, that yard belongs to the parents of his target child Michael.

Hearing a noise in the yard, Dove Hansen, Michael’s nanny and tutor, steps out to investigate, but is intercepted by the arrival of the parents.  She thought the man was a drunk, but the parents claimed Anthros is a relative named Mark.  Dove is picking up weird vibes from Mark, just like the vibes she gets from her secret dream lover, when they are having virtual sex; Dove does not know that Mark is not inebriated, but light-headed from oxygen. 

A Lick and a Promise had me scarcely able to sit upright in a chair; this story is hilarious with down-to-earth humor that I could relate to.  Ann Wesley Hardin adds a new twist to mind-blowing sex.  The characters and dialogue is so real, that I will never look at my neighbors in the same way again.  A Lick and a Promise has a well-paced plot that leaves the entry open for the next episode.  I look forward to it.  I enjoyed this story very much. 


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