A Hint of Summer by M. G. Braden and Cindy K. Green
A Moonlit Romance Beach Duet
Moonlit Romance
Romance Anthology / Contemporary
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Inheritance by M. G. Braden

Chase Taylor was very unlike her relatives.  Where they saw others with dollar signs, Chase looked at a person for who they were.  When her grandmother dies and they learn the terms of the will, Chase once again is reminded of their differences.

Reece Weston couldn’t believe the Taylor family.  The grandmother had just passed away, and they were more interested in the financial aspects, except for Chase.  That obviously explained the unusual stipulation of the will.  Reece and Chase had to live in the beach house for six months. 

Chase and Reece quickly settle into the home together, but questions still abound threatening their tenuous relationship.

Inheritance is a story of two people learning that the most important item bequeathed to them might be each other.  I really enjoyed this story.  I felt it was well paced, and that the hero and heroine were well developed.  The only detracting factor of the story was that the remainder of the Taylor family was singularly one-dimensional.


Summer’s Return by Cindy K. Green

Parker Radcliffe had finally returned to the Outer Banks, and to the home where he’d spent his summers while growing up.  He’d enjoyed those times, and particularly Arianna Morgan, who’d been his friend.  Back then, anything had seemed possible, but now, he needed to simply sell the house and return to the life he’d never planned living.

Arianna was excited - Parker was returning.  She’d always looked forward to his arrival; it had marked the beginning of summer.  They’d had a special friendship.  She’d always believed he would return, but he seemed so different from the boy she’d once known.  He seemed to have turned into the man his father had been.


Summer’s Return is a best friend romance, even though they hadn’t seen each other for awhile.  Although I enjoyed the story, it didn’t quite capture my undivided attention.  However, I will continue to look forward to future stories by this author.


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