Wolf Queen

Wolf Queen by Stormy Glenn

Siren Publishing

Shapeshifter/One M/M kissing scene

ISBN: 1-60601-577-X

Reviewed by Tanya



Katia has loved pack leader Mikhail Nikolaevich for as long as she can remember.  The one time in the past when she acted on her feelings she is left feeling Mikhail doesn’t care for her after, not knowing there are other forces at work.  For starters, she doesn’t know that Mikhail is a shapeshifter or pack leader. 

Since they have been together and are mated when her mating heat starts, of which she knows nothing of, she and Mikhail must be bonded or she will die.  Now suddenly Mikhail will have to undo years of pushing his love away.  Will he be able to convince her in time?  Now to complicate matters even more is there appears to be a rogue band of werewolves out to kill them all.  Can Mikhail keep what matters the most to him or will he fowl things up again and lose it all? 

Wolf Queen was an interesting look at shifter politics.  I was intrigued by the books blurb and after reading it am a bit confused as to what my final thoughts were.  I have to say that I can see how Mikhail loved Katia.  I think if someone had pulled the same ‘crap’ on most women as Mikhail did on Katia someone would have to set them straight, pack leader or not. 

That being said, I did enjoy the trials and tribulations of these star crossed lovers, as well as Mikhail’s brother meeting his mate.  Overall, I found Wolf Queen an interesting suspenseful story that will have me looking for other offerings from Stormy Glenn.


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