Wolf by Madelaine Montague

New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60394-336-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Mac and his men were on a routine assignment when everything went terribly wrong. Strange bugs infected them, changing them into something powerful and deadly.  Now the special ops team is forced to do whatever it takes to survive, to retain their sanity and freedom. Even if it means going against the government they served. 

Sylvie’s rebellion has placed her in the line of fire.  The special ops team uses her boat to make their getaway.  What the soldiers don’t count on is the desperate hunger to claim her.  Leaving her behind is not an option. 

There’s something irresistible about special ops forces.  What woman could resist a highly trained fighter risking his life for her?  Add three more to the equation and what you have is one lucky lady.  These men are the crème de la crème warriors, the military elite, so it goes without saying just how much action, thrills, and maneuvering comes with the territory.  Sylvie, Mac, Beau, Hawk, and Cavanaugh are thrown together in a situation where I could see Michael Moore’s documentary, Sicko, as the main instigator behind Sylvie’s choices.  Mac and the boys are beautifully written in at the right time and the right place. Since I don’t have a problem with the reverse harem dynamic, we’re in business.   

Wolf offers paranormal extras along with an edgy, brilliantly constructed plot.  Details and facts build everything up from a solidly formed foundation with sound, fascinating characters.  I didn’t unravel the narrative; instead I just happily went with it.  Madelaine Montague does a superb job of making it all believable.  To date, this tale is four star rated, one of the best in this author’s collection of work. 


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