Witch of Air and Fire by Eliza March

Ménage Amour

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-504-4  

Reviewed by Tanya



The fates have always had a way of playing games with immortals, and Candace feels that couldn’t be truer than on the Samhain where she is finally going to come into her powers.  Now she is escaping the humiliation of the jerk that was her fiancé, and due to her powers seems to be controlling the rollercoaster of a weather system around her. 

Too bad her ex-fiancé couldn’t have been like the man she has been dreaming of for many nights now.  When she is in an accident she feels lucky to be alive.  As she heads to a lighthouse for refuge from the storm who does she meet?  The man of her dreams, in the flesh, and he seems to be as interested in her as she is in him.  Cain has a secret Dheamon who is part of his being.  He knows that to keep Candace’s powers safe, as well as the world, will take more than he is able to give and keep the Dheamon locked inside.  So he will have to call on his best friend Regan for help.  What they don’t initially count on is that she might also be Regan’s beloved. 

I absolutely loved Witch of Air and Fire until the epilogue.  If I had not read that then I would have highly recommended Witch of Air and Fire.  Instead I was left with the feeling of “what the …?” Does “Bobby’s in the shower” ring a bell with any old Dallas fans?  I personally felt that the epilogue completely ruined this highly erotic story for me.  So if you like a highly erotic ménage story I recommend you pick up Witch of Air and Fire but skip the epilogue.


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