Valley of Shadows by Desiree Acuna and Juliette Barrymore

New Concepts Publishing

Dark Fantasy

ISBN: 1-58608-349-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Princess Tyra feels the weight of her responsibilities while yearning to be loved and desired as a woman.  When the daemon Killian abruptly appears, she is unable to determine what is real and what is falsely induced.   

Killian is forced into Tyraís world against his will.  When the princess defends herself, he is momentarily able to resist the demands of the one who summoned him.  Killianís need to possess Tyra is overwhelming.  He is faced with the decision to find the means to return to his own world or to satisfy the desire encompassing him.

Valley of Shadows is proof that two minds with active imaginations working in sync can create unique and riveting story.  Every scene is decadent, mesmerizing, and well padded with intelligent introspection so that the plot makes sense without taxing you with too may details.  The characters are straightforward yet complex to connect the reader without boring them.  My only complaint would be that the villain was more annoying than exceptional.  Thankfully this observation didnít detract from the narrative since there were areas where adversity proved to be the cementing facet, adding leverage to the devices so perfectly installed throughout.   Passion sizzles between Tyra and Killian until it rages hotter than the daemon realm, all balanced out by action and conflict.  Every page turned ensured excitement and anticipation until, regrettably, I stumbled upon an ending that was charming, subtle, and brilliantly concluded.


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