Time Currents by Brenna Lyons

Kielan Series, Book 2

Logical-Lust Publications


ISBN: 978-1-905091-37-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Bettina is a maid working for nobles, denying her status despite the intolerance she faces from her employer.  When Lord Sevryn visits the manor where she is employed, Bettina learns just how different he is from his self-centered siblings and elitist mother. 

Sevryn quickly notices his mother’s servant, and soon discovers she is his soulmate.  Bettina is drawn to him and does all she can to avoid him.  When their physical and psychic attraction can no longer be denied, will Bettina continue fight to contain her secrets?  A bond between soulmates remains incomplete with barriers.   Bettina must learn to trust Sev to forge a true psi union. 

The Kielan series continues in Time Currents, and the Council of Worlds universe just keeps on getting better!  The narrative drew me into the labyrinthine secrets that proved to be pretty darn complex in contrast to Bettina and Sev’s red-hot direct approach to romance. Powers or no, the Kielan are their own worst enemies, caught up in systematic, stagnated tradition, lost to the hypocrisy of classism, and defenseless despite their psi powers.  Their “human failings” and foibles further weaken the cracked branch of the social structure Kielans have relied upon too long. The vehicle of change is brilliantly illustrated in Brenna Lyons’ writing without crumbling the story’s herculean foundation supporting plot, premise, and structure. Nor could I find fault with Bettina, whose courage, self-sacrifice, and stubborn will captured and kept my focus from the moment she appears.  Sevryn’s courtier skills as a noble are put to the test, and his dignified spirit is a testament to his worth as a man.  The Kielan upper class taints their offspring with moral corruption, self-absorption, lack of compassion and greed. Sevryn and Bettina are rare in that they have managed to escape the “societal ills” of Kielan privilege. Did I mention the beautiful cover? Mysterious and exquisite, the image succeeds in drawing the eye as easily as the contents engage the mind.  Time Currents is a tale that I won’t soon forget for a truckload of reasons.  The main one being that I can’t get enough of the Kielan!  In the meantime, I remain perfectly happy awaiting more stories about the Keen and discovering the Wolkin.


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