The Wolves’ Submissive by Ave Rose Johnson

Loose Id

Historical Fantasy, Shape-shifter, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-945-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Princess Abigail remains mostly content at Fort Bestial with her mates, Caine and Stavros, the Alphas of Drayzlake.   There is only one concern. She is ready to become a wolf, desperate to join her lovers in the hunt.  Stavros is more than willing while Caine refuses.  He does not believe that Abigail is strong enough to endure the process.  Female wolves must completely submit to their mates, and he does not want to destroy Abigail with the demands required of a submissive.  She has already sacrificed everything to be with them.  Caine is aware his refusal is hurting his beloved.  Between the demands of his heart and duty will he be able to heal the breach he is causing between his brother and their mate? 

The Wolves’ Submissive is the sequel to Beauty and the Beasts with more heft added to the plot.  There’s still loads of hot sex mingled with BDSM elements, as well as emotional angst, along with encroaching conflict.  I can see it will directly involve Abigail, Caine and Stavros at some point, leaving room for an action packed third installment.  It was enjoyable to watch Beauty/Abigail take a more active, aggressive part in her relationship with Caine and Stavros.  Caine’s overall intensity and reasons for denying her request fueled the sensual tension in and out of bed.  His emotional vulnerability kept me from resenting him.  Afterwards it was just a matter of time before everything crashed and burned.  The anticipation was delicious, erotic.

I appreciate Ms. Johnson’s direct visual style and the effective manner in which she has taken time to flesh out her characters’ more along with the storyline.   Imagery plays a strong role in the narrative and the dialogue is available whenever it’s needed.  At this point, I wouldn’t change anything, despite the fact there’s always room for improvement.  With such a brilliant start, this series will only continue to grow, gaining more readers and fans.


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