The Taming of Katrina by Shara Azod

Lulu Publishing

IR Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-557-05450-3

Reviewed by Nellie



People are not always what they seem. We wear a mask of sorts, and that’s not different for Aubrey and Katrina. Katrina is a lawyer who is very calm and controlled on the outside, but sheds this persona in her playground as she indulges in her guilty little pleasures at her club. Though Aubrey depicts himself as an absent-minded professor whose focus is on academic matters, he is very cognizant of his environment and his family’s surreptitious activities.


Her background makes Katrina feel unworthy of the love unconditionally offered by the dashing, old money, recently divorced Aubrey Chevalier. In Katrina, Aubrey is able see through the barriers she erected to protect herself because he recognizes the same hungers and cravings in himself. But is their relationship strong enough to withstand the threats by ghosts from the past making their presence known?

There were some areas that were not in sync with the basis established in the first two stories, Thierry's Angel, and Remy Goes to Therapy. Shara Azod did a great job with the build-up in prior books about a skeleton in the Chevalier matriarch’s closet. The matriarch’s revelation was so unexpected that it fell a little short for me. All in all it was a riveting story. The Taming of Katrina is full of suspense, passion, drama and life lessons. Cleary we are often our worst enemy indicated by the downfall of Grandma Chevalier and the consequences thereafter while the leading couple conquered and persevered through the manipulations of outside interference to sail of into the sunset.


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