The Smiling Assassin by Nathalie Gray

Red Sage Publishing

Sci-Fi (M/F)

ISBN: 9781603102308

Reviewed by Sabella



Uriel is an assassin with a problem – he has to kill the man in front of him, but he doesn’t want to do so in front of the mysterious lady that is keeping him company.  This is a problem that Uriel is not used to dealing with as he is generally cold and detached enough to complete his contract and walk away.  But as the woman searches for him and eventually finds him, it leads trouble to his door.  Will Uriel follow his protective and erotic impulses and keep her around or should he send her away as he has done with everyone else? 

The Smiling Assassin is a futuristic tale with an interesting plot and characters that are intriguing, yet leaving the reader with the question of what happens next. The pace of the story is so quick, but with enough detail that it will keep the reader wondering in which direction it will head to next.  While I found the romance somewhat difficult to believe as it happens in a matter of hours, but the sci-fi aspects left me wanting for more.  The Smiling Assassin is a charming quick read that is only a quick taste of a fantastic tale.


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