The Pixie Prince by Lex Valentine

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-440-5

Reviewed by Lisa



There is nothing better than a best friend, especially when youíre constantly between romances.  At least thatís what pixie/male model Max LeFevre and Acerbian vampire Alexa Harte have decided. 

Max spends the day dragging Alexa around to all the local mattress stores because his mattress is now giving him terrible bruises and an underwear model canít afford bruises.  They stop for lunch at their favorite restaurant and the waiter gives Max information about a wonderful mattress belonging to vampire Bellisandra ďBlissĒ Wilde. 

Alexa isnít keen on Bliss, but Max is drawn to her like heís never been drawn to a female before.  Itís not long before Max and Bliss canít keep their hands to themselves and pretty soon the word ďloveĒ is mentioned. Somehow Max has to tell Alexa that he has found true love while still keeping the friendship firmly intact.  Alexa is sure to be happy for Max, right? 

The Pixie Prince is a lovely balance between a sexy and sweet love story, with tenderness and witty dialogue.  There are three plotlines at work in The Pixie Prince starting with a strong friendship, followed by a mystery waiter and the main focus of this story, a sensual romance.  Author Lex Valentine lines up the various storylines and leaves readers anticipating more in the future.  The Pixie Prince is sensual and amusing, definitely fun to read!


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