The Lady’s Lowborn Lover by Brenna Lyons

Kielan Series, Book 1

Logical-Lust Publications

Futuristic Sci Fi

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Lady Alia Autumn hopes to encounter her soulmate after years of attending meeting days.  Her family is close to declaring her matchless, and with the approach of her sixth year, there may be no other opportunities for her.   

Lady Riann Summer-Night’s program has helped even the odds by making it possible for those of lower status to attend meeting day gatherings.  Lowborns Jaesin Park and his bond-brother, Matty, have arrived at the well-to-do inn with hopes of making a connection.  With emotions running high, only time and chance will determine if the odds are in Alia and Jaesin’s favor.

The Lady’s Lowborn Lover takes readers familiar with the Kegin series back to the universe where the Keen (and others) live, love, interact, and trade.  The Kielan are psychics, one of three humanoid races represented on the Council of Worlds along with the Keen and Wolkin.   The complexity of Kielan society is based on class structure and their psi abilities.  Reading this story, I could appreciate the time and skill Brenna Lyons utilizes in bringing the Kielan to vivid life through her characters and their meeting day.  Jaesin and Alia’s story is exquisite, intense and erotic while yanking ever so sweetly at the heartstrings.  The writing refuses to allow you to escape the urgency of their need, the deep-seated hunger to find their soulmate that is crucial to Kielan society.  The obstacles in meeting a soulmate made me question if whether the Kielan are their own worst saboteurs for various reasons.  The willingness to break through the barriers demonstrates that, despite their gifts, they are still afflicted with human foibles, whether emotional, physical or mental.  Ms. Lyons incorporates the magical beauty of romance in every sentence, as each scene recalls candid clarity in the quality of her writing through gesture, expression, caress and spoken word.  There is no place she is unwilling to take her imagination whenever the alien worlds she’s created are at the forefront ready to take flight. 


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