The Diabolical Doctor Masters by Michelle Marquis

Amira Press

Futuristic Sci-Fi, I/R

ISBN: 978-1-935348-37-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Head Nurse Gloria Hobbs’ life takes a bizarre turn when Doctor Jason Masters appears while she’s working at hospital.  Doctor Masters is a man with a murky, brutal past.  After spending eight years on a prison planet, he’s been paroled by the CIA to work on the cure for a deadly top secret virus, Plan Nine.  Oddly, his sinister past does not deter him from pursuing her.  Gloria’s world has always been order.  With Doctor Masters proclaiming his love for her, is it wise to trust this complex man?  Or will his past crimes destroy any possible hope for a future out of the chaos he’s created? 

They say the love of a good woman can change a man.  Or does it?  Salvation, destruction, and survival are the forerunners in The Diabolical Doctor Masters, a somber thriller featuring a mad scientist who’s redeemed by his love for Gloria Hobbs. Gloria is the key to saving the world, surrendering her heart and soul to a man used to living in the shadows.  No one wears rose colored glasses here.  Gloria dissects the surface area of the super criminal she’s falling for.  When she finally peels away his darkness, this resourceful nurse doesn’t come across as self-righteous.  No, she’s determined and willing to sacrifice everything to save lives.  Jason and Gloria’s chemistry is explosive enough to blow up the lab, so it’s not an easy decision.  I appreciated the contrasts in their personalities and values.  The question that’s answered is how far Jason is willing to go for Gloria’s sake, and is he worthy of her.   

Michelle Marquis’s writing is clean, sharp, not weighed down by clichéd platitudes and lame sticky sweetness.  Language is sparse, effective; dialogue is utilized to keep the story in motion wherever it’s needed.  The best part is the journey, and along with the steamy sex and edgy action, it all comes together perfectly with no-nonsense precision. 


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