Sweet Tart by Kris Starr

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419923227

Reviewed by Shayna



Having been burned in the past by an office fling gone sour, Abigail Duncan now refuses to ever get involved with a colleague again.  Too bad Sebastian McCallum, the man of her fantasies, is a coworker of hers and thus off-limits.  But when her best friend throws a “naughty edibles” party and Seb turns up, the pull to give in to their mutual attraction is too sweet a temptation for Abbie to resist. 

With sexual tension so strong the fulfillment of it positively snaps and a romance that’s incredibly sweet without ever being cloying, Sweet Tart is a delicious, appropriately-named treat.  Abbie is a truly fun heroine.  Having been through a terrible breakup that unfairly cost her her job in the past, it’s reasonable that she’s gun-shy of ever becoming romantically involved with someone she works with.  All the same, I loved watching Seb break through her barriers.  Speaking of the luscious hero, Seb is a fantastic mix of brains and mouth-wateringly good looks.  It was easy to see why Abbie’s fantasies revolve around him. 

Sweet Tart is a delectable, erotic pleasure I consumed in one sitting.  This is the first time I’ve read a story of Kris Starr’s and it definitely won’t be the last!


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