Sweet Spot by Jenna Reynolds

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419922084

Reviewed by Shayna



With her best friend’s daughter’s wedding coming up, Alice Parker, owner of The Sweet Spot, delightedly makes some wicked confections for the bachelorette party.  Her erotic candy is a hit with everyone at the event, except for the party crasher, Edward Larkin. 

Edward has come to town before the wedding for one purpose – to stop his niece, Laurel, from getting married.  But an unexpected wrench is thrown into Edward’s plans when he meets Alice.  She’s everything he shouldn’t want, but neither can he ignore the erotic pull between them.  And for the handsome orthodontist, there’s nothing more dangerous than something as sweet as Alice. 

For a story with sweets, Jenna Reynolds sure delivers one spicy tale.  Sweet Spot is an engaging, meltingly sensual story with characters that are sure to capture your heart.  Edward is a somewhat unusual hero.  He’s uptight and a bit of a snob, but underneath his slightly harsh exterior is a man with a caring heart and a passionate nature.  Alice, in turn, is an incredibly likeable heroine who brings out the best in Edward.  She’s patient and sees beyond the surface of people, but she also won’t stand down when she goes head to head with Edward over his niece’s wedding.  As for the bride in question, Laurel captured my attention as well with her good nature and her obvious love for her family. 

A sweet, sexy treat I devoured in one sitting, Sweet Spot was a joy to read and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Reynolds’ work.


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